Buying Your First Car at Summit GM

Buying your first car is a huge thrill, even if that first car is a beat-up hunk of metal you bought for the least amount of money possible when you were only 16 years old. Buying your first new car is even more exciting, in large part because it often feels like you’ve worked especially hard in the years since leaving adolescence to afford something nicer and newer.

As your Fort McMurray Chevy dealership, we want our Summit GM customers to be happy with the first-time car buying experience, and for that to be the case, we encourage Fort McMurray, AB customers to consider the following questions:

What can you afford? Look throughout your monthly expenses and income to determine how much car you actually can afford. Sometimes buyers’ eyes are bigger than their wallets, which can cause financial (and credit score) problems down the road.

What do you need? Make a list of what you value most in an automobile and what you absolutely need it to do for you on a daily basis. Make sure that the cars you consider fit both this list and are in your price range.

What do you like? Next you’re actually going to have to test drive some models, which really is the fun part of the process. Make sure the model that looked great on paper also feels right to you in real life.

What will it cost? Finally, figure out your financing with our in-house GMC dealers and financing department.

Once you can answer all of these questions, you’re ready to buy your first new vehicle. As always, let us know if you need any help at any point in the process!


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