Top Restaurants in Fort McMurray, AB

While Fort McMurray, AB may not be as large and diverse in its culinary options as, say, Calgary, AB, b there still are plenty of great places to eat in these parts, particularly if fans of Chevrolet in Fort McMurray are willing to load up the family or pick up your date from behind the wheel of a General Motors automobile. Date nights and family dinner nights are great excuses to take the car, truck, or SUV out for a spin, and the following are some of the finest area restaurants for just such an occasion:

Chez Max – Northern Alberta is a far cry from the island of Jamaica, but that doesn’t mean we can’t eat like we’re on vacation. Chez Max offers up some truly delicious authentic Jamaican food, including fabulous jerk chicken, delicious oxtail soup, and some of the most delectable fried plantains you’ve ever eaten. It’s like taking a trip without leaving the province!

Keg Steakhouse – For more traditional Canadian cuisine, check out the Keg Steakhouse, which flat-out cooks steaks the way they were intended. They’re known for their prime rib, but the seafood also is delicious and the wine list is eclectic. There may not be a better spot for a date night in the city!

Townhall Public House – This spot is a little more informal, with more traditional pub food, a lively atmosphere, and weekly drink specials. It’s a great place to head out with friends!

Fort McMurray GMC dealers want nothing more than for drivers to use their gorgeous (and versatile) automobiles to take their families and loved ones to dinner in this great city of ours. Thankfully, there are plenty of great culinary options to do so!


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